Frequently Asked Questions

Do you accept lifestyle submissives?: No. While I appreciate the sentiment, your company and your service do not put a roof over my head or food in my mouth.

Can I circumvent screening? I am sane.: No. I have never seen a client without screening and I never will. Safety and discretion is my top priority. I have never been mistreated or abused nor have I had a breach information. I believe that the two go hand in hand. I prefer to see the discreet human who values my safety.

Can I review our time together? Yes. Please ask beforehand, though. My sessions vary from person to person. What I do in one session for one person may not be available to the next person. I am inspired by genuine connections and prefer to go with the flow of our collective energies.

Can I have a discount if I promise to give you a good review? No. You will find that I only have a handful of reviews. My lack of reviews is not a reference of my skill or reputation but rather my preference to discretion. 

Do you accept credit cards? Not at this time.

Are you a Pro-Domme? No. I prefer to think of myself as a lifestyle top and fetish enthusiast. Sometimes I am a Dominatrix but mostly I am just a curious sadist with a heart of gold.

Can I see you with a provider who is not listed on your website? Yes. Please send along their website address and their email and I will contact them.

Do you see couples? It's not listed. Yes. I love being the third wheel! Each person must contact me separately and submit to the screening process.

Do you see women? It's not listed. Yes!!! Enthusiastic Yes!!!!

Can I bring my own toys? Yes! However, I can assure you that all of my equipment is sanitized thoroughly after every appointment.

Do you provide full toilet training? I don't see it. Scat play is a hard limit and is not something I provide, ever.

Do you provide PSE? It is not something that I offer outright or promise. Passion is generated over time for me. If I feel particularly inspired I will go with the flow...

Do you accommodate same day or last minute appointments? I do, but, only for friends I have seen before. I lead a very full and stimulating life. It can be very difficult to see me without booking at least one day in advance. If you are truly interested, please take the time to make a schedule.

What do you like in a gentleman? Good manners, good consent, friendly demeanor, good conversation, good hygiene.

What do you dislike in a gentleman? Demanding behavior, vulgar emails, bad manners, entitlement, bad hygiene, gossip about other providers, haggling.