Fetish and Fantasy Fufillment

At the core of our happiness is our erotic self. The inner desires that heat and cool in undulating cycles. Do you fight your urges? Or do you give in? Find your release in my company, a sultry Seductress well versed in the spectrum of pleasure and pain. I love collaborating new kinky adventures and exploring the depths of desire. I will try almost anything once and delight in the unusual and bizarre. 


Ass Worship, Leg Worship, Foot Fetish, High-Heel Fetish, Stocking Fetish, Boot Fetish, Lingerie Fetish, Dirty Panties, Long Hair Fetish, Golden, Spitting, Forced Consumption, Sploshing, Domestic Servitude, Trampling, Gender Play, Forced Feminization, Financial Domination, Cuckolding, Forced Bi, Goddess Worship, Humiliation and Degradation, Tickling, Slut Training, CFNM, Sensory Overload, Sensory Deprivation, Predicament Play, Impossible Predicaments, Tease and Denial, Strap-on Worship,


Personal Hard Limits: Scat, Switching, Submission, Degradation that includes race or ethnicity.


Sensual Domination: Do you like pleasure with your pain? A sensual but sadistic tease, whispered commands, the sweet scent of a woman mixed with the intense anticipation of a cruel gesture. A seductive dance, a body just out of reach and your blood heating just beneath the surface. You surrender your will and hope your absolute obedience will bring a sweet taste of my soft flesh.

The Lower Half: Do you find yourself thinking of my lower half? The soft caramel skin on my legs covered in silky stockings and my feet snugly placed in a pair of stilettos. Do you dream of me walking in from a long day, sitting down on the couch and sliding them out of my heels and onto your back to rest or into your mouth for a cleaning? I enjoy a service minded foot slut, one who is interested in massaging the aching arches. Remove my polish and add a new coat and don’t fuck it up or you will be sorry.

Feminization/Sissification: Being a sissy is no easy task. To become a sissy takes hard work and dedication. Whether you are coming to your desires on your own or need a firm hand and strong directives, I thoroughly enjoy holding that special sacred space for you bloom into the special little sissy you always hoped to be. Our special time can be personal time exploring your feminine side through makeovers and dress up, humiliation and service to break you down to build you up, punishment and reward, enforced schedules and shopping.

Please Note: It is the sissy's responsibility to bring her own supplies, including but not limited to wigs, garments, pantyhose and makeup. These items may be made available over time as I get my New Orleans Dungeon set up. Please do feel free to outfit my space with any of the aforementioned items. Please take responsibility for your training.

Strap and Role Reversal: There are many ways to experience the gift of my spare parts. Vulnerability is erotic and I delight in the many ways that lend itself to the nature of this practice. Our time together can be intense and fierce and based in the realm of fetish or it can be a sweet, sensual and intimate. Relinquish your fears and submit your body to my care.

Golden: What a privilege to be on your back and underneath me waiting to bask in my glory. Your ultimate wish is to be utterly consumed by me in every way possible. When you are in my presence you are in my service. Your objectification is my pleasure, a direct line to my erotic energy is a gift and affirms your unparalleled submission.

Do you wish this experience to be an extension of the erotic? Are you a toilet who wishes to be completely objectified? Would you like a glass to drink from or a bowl to lap? A shower? What will you do to earn it?