Sweet Details for the Curious Gentleman....

You will Hear Thunder and Remember Me, and Think; She Wanted Storms. -Ana Akhmatova

Well here you are at the precipice of your desire, at the feet of a Woman you will never be able to please. You find yourself here at the altar of my body to worship, to serve and to please me. Stay on your knees while I tell you a little about myself.

I am Jade,  a force of nature and a Sadist with a Heart of Gold with a lust for life and the many pleasures that can be experienced in our earthly vessels. You will find that I have an energetic and confident presence that is complimented by my breathtakingly unique beauty. My body is a petite and athletic with soft feminine curves. My skin, caramel colored and decorated with tattoos (but don't let that intimidate you), is soft and inviting. I have a fiery passionate nature but carry a disarming charm and a mischievous smile.

I am a versatile provider who can create an environment akin to a romantic get together or lead you down the path of dangerous discovery. I am creative creature with a naturally commanding presence and deep love for the kinkier things in life. I can attend to your dirty fetish needs just as well as I can relieve your ache for a woman. My interests lie in domination: sensual to corporal, painful and intimate, playful and lascivious, humiliating and intoxicating. You will find that I am not so much severe but more sensual, choosing to seduce you to comply with my devious and sometimes very painful (for you) desires. You will find that I am interested in exploring a wide range of BDSM/fetish/kink activities especially in relation to role play.

My will to dominate started at a very young age. I found myself angry with being disciplined and always felt that I was meant for the other side of the paddle. As I matured I found a great deal of pleasure in asking boys to wear my panties on a dare only to humiliate them after they finally complied. My desires to dominate only grew stronger from there and here I find myself today, insatiable and looking to devour anyone brave enough to sacrifice themselves for my pleasure.

Want to know a little more?

I am busy lady. I am mixed media artist with a strong visual appetite, writer, tarot novice, gardener, avid reader, nature lover and observer. I've recently relocated to New Orleans and am enjoying getting deeper acquainted with this city. Biking through the French Quarter, cutting paper in my art studio, exploring the swamps and of course looking for birds are some of my favorite ways  I love literature and carry reading material with me everywhere in hopes that I may find a moment to bury my face in a book. Amongst my favorite things, other than books and the obvious hot connection are plants, with lilies and peonies being my favorite flowers, handmade lingerie, turquoise the color and the mineral, a good cheeseburger, music and record collecting and art museums. Wanna know more? Well you will just have to come and visit me.